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Screenshot of Final Gear
Screenshot of Final Gear
Screenshot of Final Gear
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Final Gear

Final Gear CN

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Publisher 哔哩哔哩游戏
Developer 北京北客世界科技有限公司
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◆Super free DIY mech assembly system ◆
※ Take parts from the enemy and use them for the assembly of your own body to create a body full of your own personality.
※ A number of parts of a specific body can be transformed into a character-specific body, which can be transformed into a unique shape.
※ Without debris, the equipment will fall directly. Players can change any equipment at any time to build their own team.

◆Multi-role collection to develop gameplay ◆
※ Collect warriors from three major countries and dozens of forces.
※ Each character has a unique upper body animation and nirvana.
※ Enhance the interaction between players and characters. Players can even choose the name of their character. Each name has its own voice.
※ All characters have dynamic vertical drawing.

◆ Real-time tactical map system ◆
※ Real-time tactical mode, multi-small touch operation for strategic deployment and action, according to the combination of terrain and arms to form a variety of tactical collocation.
※ Rich tactical map missions: offense, defense, escort, occupation, puzzle solving, etc.
※ The world map system is divided into three major countries: imperialism, federalism, and tribe. The player gradually unlocks the various areas ※ by map, and finally all the maps can be associated with the open world map.

◆Multi-model matching, tactical team assembly ◆
※ The battle can be carried out with 4 units, and the main control body + 3 AI machines.
※ Role + body, professional equipment and professional skills combination, dealing with different monsters and levels of gameplay, forming a strategic match.
※ Different characters and body configurations form different battle formations.

◆The firepower is fully open, and the action shooting and combat experience is cool.
※ Each weapon and skill with characteristics, excellent combat operation experience
※ Visual impact and strategic nirvana

◆Base car through nutrition system ◆
※ Base car players can build different rooms such as dormitory, observation room, hangar, R&D room, warehouse, etc. Each room has different functions and bonuses.
※ After the upgrade of the room in the base car, a new function room will be created. Different room construction requires multiple rooms to reach the corresponding level to unlock.
※ Players can also modify the room according to their own hobbies to create their own base chariot

◆ Diverse storyline ◆
※ Perfect world view, power setting, story line, timeline
※ The detailed settings of each area, each country's humanities, food, architectural styles and systems are set, the characters are set full and the characters are deep.
※ Ingenuity mode: Write individual chapters for characters, use the form of fan drama, update one episode every week, and keep updating. Content includes specific level gameplay, storyline CG, theater animation, etc.

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