Screenshot of Horde - Age of Orcs
Screenshot of Horde - Age of Orcs
Screenshot of Horde - Age of Orcs
Screenshot of Horde - Age of Orcs
Screenshot of Horde - Age of Orcs
Horde - Age of Orcs

Horde - Age of Orcs

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Welcome, brave warrior! The horde greets you the cusp of great choice, and this choice can decide the fate of ancient war. In the dark age of fire and blood, human kingdom needs artful emperor as much as orc villages need a strong chief! On the threshold of a great clash, they need a hero with solid experience in strategy, who knows how to protect his castle and how to lead his army to win the battle!

The Horde is not some simple game for the players who believe that having big army is half the battle – they forget about importance of good strategy. It's a beautiful 3D world with many nice looking details and graphics that make you enjoy every moment spent in the game. Excellent 3D graphics and decoration allow looking at your possessions from any angle.

☠ Become the leader of artful people or brave orcs.
☠ Direct your forces during combat, change their target of attack at any moment of combat.
☠ Support Army with combat magic.
☠ Join a clan or prove their superiority alone.
☠ Different gaming landscape, affecting the course of the battle.
☠ Change the environment of your castle at any time.

★Build and improve the defence with guns, small towers, mortars and traps!
★Attack the enemy’s fortress with the help of infantry, archers, fighting thieves, attack monsters and flying fortresses!
★Develop your order to achieve the best results, resources and skills!

Powerful magic, military craft and engineering solutions can help lead your army to victory. Beware monsters and dragons, which can destroy your army in a few seconds. Take part in a war between players from all over the world and become the leader of the disputed land!


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