Sorcery Craft

Sorcery Craft

Provider Joywinds, Inc.
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Sorcery Craft is an online magical battle game. Hold your wand and create beautiful magical story! Here, you are a real wizard!<p>⇧ Features ⇧</p>
<p>• Sorcery Craft has totally different control experience! - draw spell patterns to cast magic <br>• Dressing yourself as your wish with great avatar customization feature!<br>• Hundreds of pet are waiting for being your pets!<br>• In the world of Sorcery Craft, you can PVP with other wizards worldwide.<br>• Battle gameplay is full of strategy based on magical elements.<br>• Sorcery Craft has great storyline and you can explore more than 100 levels!</p>
<p>Sorcery Craft will always be with you!</p>
<p>Support: [email protected]<br>Like us on Facebook:<;br>Follow us on Twitter:<;/p>


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