Airplane: Real Flight Simulator

Airplane: Real Flight Simulator

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Become the best pilot and drive your plane to any destination you want!

Take off the aircraft carefully, pay attention to avoid buildings, and flying as far as possible!

This will be 2018's most interesting city real airplane simulation game!

Game Features:
◆ 2 types of aircraft: civil aircraft, military aircraft;
◆ Adapt to Android 4.0 above all versions of mobile phones;
◆ No network, no problem;
◆ Amazing 3D picture and real background sound;
◆ 4 kinds of flying angle switching, to bring the most realistic flight simulation;
◆ The Latest and most perfect flight physics.


◆ Sliding the right acceleration lever to control the acceleration and deceleration of the aircraft;
◆ Slide the left direction bar, control the aircraft steering;
◆ Radar display aircraft position and target direction;
◆ Altimeter, showing the current height of the aircraft.

As a pilot, enjoy the thrill of taking off and landing!

Aircraft: Real Flight Simulator will bring flight simulation games to a new era!

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