Screenshot of Legend of Ochi
Screenshot of Legend of Ochi
Screenshot of Legend of Ochi
Screenshot of Legend of Ochi
Screenshot of Legend of Ochi
Legend of Ochi

Legend of Ochi

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The original cast of Legend of Ochi mobile game, inviting all the Ochi once again to start the adventure of saving the world. In the past eight years, accompanied by the growth of the five kings CP comprehensive upgrade, calling everyone back to the Auchi continent, the formation of your favorite elf team, and the partners of the year continue to fight against each other. This time, there is a continuation of the classic plot, a comprehensive upgrade of the visual performance, more interesting challenges to break the formation, and countless new elves waiting for you to take. A new Odd continent, waiting for you to find the original heart of the happy game!

Elf continent centuries of peaceful life, suddenly broken by natural disasters, facing the crisis of destruction.

The five kings fought with all their might to save the world, slowing down the process of collapse, but the world is still moving toward collapse.
In order to save their beloved home and partners, the "Time King - Noah" burns his life to rewind time to the eve of the apocalypse.

The vibration of a butterfly's wings can cause a tsunami, let alone his belief in saving the world?
Fate has changed since then.

At the end of time, Noah, who lost his memory, met Odd who was carrying the "Ao Core".
This time, they will lead this elven continent to where?

- Nine palaces and eight formations system, multiple combat strategies
The original nine palaces and eight battle system, the formation of troops, brain-burning game. There are five major departments, ten professions and hundreds of elven skills to create unlimited combat possibilities.

- Gorgeous skill animation, hot blood ignite the battlefield
Each elf is individually drawn frame-by-frame super-kill animation, to create a gorgeous visual experience that ignites the whole field.

- Luxury voice cast, immersive adventure experience
All elf voice installed, A Jie, side river and other top CV voice, a thousand pets a thousand faces, immersion is very strong.

- Elf challenge to obtain, non-competitive play without hindrance
Five Kings and other top legendary elves can be obtained for free through the challenge, all people have legends, non-competitive can also play.

- Liver-raising hanging game, raising reset 0 consumption
Daily gameplay cleverly integrated with Roguelike adventure treasure hunting, three consumption and other classic game mode; also for the formation of load reduction, resources a key reset, elf iterations without pressure.

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