Screenshot of Shovel commandos 2 clicker !
Screenshot of Shovel commandos 2 clicker !
Screenshot of Shovel commandos 2 clicker !
Screenshot of Shovel commandos 2 clicker !
Screenshot of Shovel commandos 2 clicker !
Shovel commandos 2 clicker !

Shovel commandos 2 clicker !

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"The best shovel clicker game! “Shovel commandos” begins yet another infinity challenge.
Hellish snow shoveling that every reservist can empathize with! You can experience that hell hole!
The best and worst real labor shoveling clicker game “Shovel commandos 2 clicker”!
You can now experience the realness of true labor game! Shoveling victory!

■■■ Game properties ■■■

▶ Single shovel solves everything. You get coins, chocolate breads, and strengthening stones when you shovel.
▶ It is a clicker game with easy control that everyone of any age and sex can enjoy.
▶ With the mix of clicker and defense genre, you can enjoy the upgraded fun.
▶ The best defense tower of shovel unit emerges to defend against the enemies that disturb the shoveling.
▶ Watch and get addicted to cute animation of more than 20 shove unit soldiers.
▶ You can recruit and manage up to 100 soldiers.
▶ You cannot get bored with different quests and surprise events.
▶ 10 items such as fire, 24-hour unlimited shoveling will be of big help in shoveling.
▶ Grant specialty to shoveling soldier to see how his shoveling ability increases.
▶ You must manage the unit by paying attention to how the cute soldiers express their emotions.
▶ Enjoy mini games and chance events such as winning chocolate breads and wheel of fortune in between shoveling.
▶ Find the hidden supply boxes while shoveling! You will get huge rewards.
▶ Soldiers cannot be resting! Beat them with hammer of love. Then the soldier will change.
▶ Check attendance every day and receive reward.

■■■ Game Q&A ■■■
▶ What is the difference between free and pay version?
Pay version provides idle mode. Also, you can get more rewards.
▶ Is it idle clicker game?
“Shovel unit-snow shoveling” is not entirely idle game but clicker game with idle modes. But if you become too idle, your shovel unit will abandon you.

■■■ Contact us ■■■

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