* Language: English, Franch, German, Russian, Polski, čeština
You can see your studio on the home page, which contains Office, Tofu, Storage and Garage. By completing orders you will gain experience and gold, so take your time to upgrade your studio and make it even richer!
The game play is very simple, click the left or right side of the screen to drift, follow the route to reach the end of the order can be completed. As the workroom is unlocked, more maps will appear in the order.
I really like the Bgm of this game, the music style of the game home page is the feeling of country music, there is a kind of mood in the travel. And in the process of completing the order, the game's music is similar to rock, full of passion.
Note: If you would like to contribute to help the developers translate your native language for this game, please check out the game description. Where is the link to the application site : )
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