Caliko Goes Underground Chapter 5

The heavy footsteps above caused dust and sand to seep through the cracks in the ceiling. Caliko coughed and used her paw to wave the dust away as shadow Morroc’s evil laugh could be heard. “Mister Ghost,” Caliko said, “If I take the shard from here...what will happen?”
“The spirits here will go freeeee, including meeee.”
“And including...including him?” Caliko said, gesturing at the footsteps above.
“Yessss. And he will be free to roam the land. So you must choose carefullyyyy if you still wish to take the shard from herrrrre.”
“You don’t seem to feel one way or another about it,” Caliko said.
“I wouldn’t miiiind travelling the worrrllld,” the ghost replied, “but I’ve been here for so longgg, I’ve gotten kind of used to itttt.”
The footsteps above stopped. Caliko stopped as well and looked up at the ceiling as a cacophony of strange noises grew louder and louder.
Suddenly, the ceiling behind her exploded and a massive boulder dropped to the ground. It began rolling towards the party.
“What the-?! RUNNNNNN!” Caliko screamed as she and Polonius broke into a desperate sprint down the passageway.
“Must go faster, must go faster!” she panted. The boulder was rolling faster and faster the more momentum it gained, and Caliko and Polonius were running out of breath. Up ahead, Caliko could see an opening to the next room. If she could outrun the boulder, she could escape without a scratch, but she was getting tired.
A secondary option soon became apparent: Caliko saw a section of the wall that had collapsed, and she could dive through the opening to make a hasty escape...but she had no idea what was on the other side of the opening!
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