Caliko Goes Underground Chapter 7

The great, wise creature stepped forth and revealed itself: an armored White Elephant! Caliko and Polonius stood in awe as the elephant looked at them knowingly.“Egeusssssss,” the ghost said, appearing behind Caliko, “He has been here all alonggg, hidden from me by the shard’s powerrrr.”
With the tomb falling apart around them, there was no time to waste; Caliko clumsily scrambled atop the mighty beast, which looked at her with confusion. “Uh...Giddyup!” Caliko said to Egeus. No reaction. She started slapping her paw on his massive head. “Hey, come on, let’s go big guy!”
A slab of rock fell from the ceiling and hit Polonius, who squealed in shock. The piggy’s squeal startled Egeus, who roared into action and exploded into a wild sprint down the tomb’s passageways.
As stone and rock rained on them like a hailstorm, Caliko held on for dear life onto the rampaging Egeus. She couldn’t believe how fast this mammoth creature was moving! However, the creature was panicking and its erratic movements threatened to throw Caliko off; she had to gain control of the creature somehow.
“Iffff you will allowww meeee,” the ghost said, “I can try and control himmmmm,”
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