Wow , this game definitely going into my favorite list.
To be fair I didn't had high hope after playing it for first 10min . But as I progressed I couldn't stop playing it.
The game slowly build ups the momentum and drag's you into it. I would say, The story of the game is the main highlight . It starts off slow but as you progress it make's you curious. I got the same satisfaction as I would get from a good manga/novel from the story. Bet you won't regret finishing this game.Let me tell you this, *Story hits hard guys🥲*.No More Spoilers.
As of the gameplay, it's a puzzle game. Main goal is to finish a girls painting .You inspect rooms , collect stuff, listen story. It's not too hard (*Me who got stuck in 2 level and had to watch yt haha). Well yea it's not too hard the hints are always there . The story and other notes you get, all hints are always around you. It's like testing your reading comprehension, memory skills, keen eyes on searching and a little bit of creativity .
Only downside is you get ads in between. So, I recommend you to play with your wifi/data connection disconnected.
Overall , I would definitely recommend anyone to try it. Bet you won't regret it for sure. If your someone who loves stories this is your thing. It hardly take anytime as well. I was able to finish it in 2-3 hours maybe 4hours if I haven't seen yt to clear 2 of the stages(Curiosity of what's gonna happened overwhelmed me to do it ).Have fun time .
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