Just an another common AFK RPG. The graphic and art style is decent. There are several modes namely Story/PvP/Demon tower and dungeons .Boss Raids are coming soon.
The battle system is auto. In a dynamic 5man team formation you just have to use magic scrolls which can be auto'd as well. For all modes it's the same battle mechanics.
There are features like Guilds/market etc. Ranking system for PvP and Demon tower which has 200 floors.
The heros are obtained from gacha system. The rarities are divided into : S, A, R. Summon rate varies for different banners but for S rarity every banner has minimum of 3.5%+ rate which is really good. There is leveling system for hero , promoting/evolving them and skill leveling. Equipments and materials have to be farmed from dungeons which can be done only 10 times a day . Same for PvP and other mode 10 times a day. Also you obtains materials from AFK farming.
Overall I won't personally recommend the game unless you are a fan of Magic scroll merchant Zio and want to try it .
Some screenshots from the game: