1."Nice 2D graphics and the classic game BGM"
2. You think the game is a simple tower defense, but it is never. All stages of the game have many strategies, and after clearing normal mode, you can try more difficult challenges through hard mode.
3. As an indie game developer, there are some bugs, but the speed of fixing these bugs is very fast and we pay a lot of attention to user feedback.
1. The tutorial is too monotonous and the game is difficult to actually play. There are a number of options, especially menus and tower updates and targeted attacks, but none of these are detailed.
2. The stage balance is not good. The game clear and balance in hard mode is the worst because the gold for tower update and the gold you get from the stage are not equal. Also, the game speed needs to be improved.
3.Although it supports 4 languages, the translation quality of this game is not high.
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