Definitely one of the best anime Mobile RPG I ever played.
while most Mobile Anime RPG featured nothing but female high schooler with over sexual design clothes,this game feature both male & female character with good design to collect and me being a waifu hater bitch boi I gotta say I love the male character design including the female as well.
there's an old guy with a sword,edgy dude with a katana,cyborg grandma wielding a rocket launcher,a banshee with big claw hand,bla,bla,bla ....
as for the gameplay,Epic 7 turn based battle isn't like any other generic turn based RPG.
Epic 7 combat style rely on speed stats to determined the turn order.
the gacha ain't bad either,a gacha with a banner can be pity with 120x roll,best part is each banner will only has one 5 star heroes with the other 5 star heroes are exclude from the banner making it easy to hunt a 5 star heroes.
good Live2D artwork with a 2D character sprite plus a 2D skill animation.
3 VA to select,English Japan and Korea.
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