I was drawn to its screenshots because it looks like a promising vertical scrolling shooter game with high graphics quality. It did not disappoint when I played for a few minutes. It has a high industrial level in games of this type, the background has an interaction, and the quality of materials such as enemy and explosion effects are outstanding.
The creators of this game used Archero's growth system directly, meaning that you can equip your fighters with different equipment. Regarding details, different weapons have different attacks, such as machine guns or lasers. Having also played Raiden and traditional vertical scrolling shooters like Gemini Strike, the difference is clear. In Wing Fighter, you can't use bombs. Instead, you can increase the ultimate's power by killing enemies, and different fighters have different ultimates.
I have played two stages and found no obvious problems or deficiencies. However, since it is the core system of Archero, there may be deeper stages that require better weapons and equipment to be challenging. In other words, there may be p2w.
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