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Hey, Torchlight fans!
As a proficient Hunter, learning how to search for specific information is a skill we all need. We have prepared a list of questions and answers to help solve a collection of potential problems new Hunters may encounter. Just press "Ctrl + F" and search for the answer you seek!
If you find that your questions remain unanswered, please join our community on Discord or submit your question on TapTap. We'll answer your questions as quickly as we can!
Before Starting the Game
Q: Where will the closed beta be available?
A: The closed beta will be available to players in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Players in these countries may download TapTap and log in to the game.
Q: Is there a limit to the amount of players allowed in the closed beta?
A: Currently there is no limit planned. We will evaluate server stability as greater numbers of players join the closed beta.
Q: Does progress sync between Android and iOS devices?
A: Progress is synced across platforms. You may log in to your account from any device.
Q: Can the closed beta be played on emulators?
A: Emulators are not supported during the closed beta. Please access Torchlight: Infinite from a mobile device.
Q: Are party modes available during the closed beta?
A: Party modes are currently planned for future releases.
Q: Is the closed beta only available through TapTap?
A: Taplight: Infinite is a TapTap exclusive, and will only be available through TapTap during the closed beta. A TapTap account is required to log in.
Game start (Lv. 1 to Lv. 50):
Q: What are "Commodities"?
A: "Commodities" exclude gear, but include crafting materials, Ember, Fossils, Water of Forgetting, Netherrealm Resonance, and Energy Cores. For more details, check out our Starter Guide at TapTap.
Q: What are "Affixes"?
A: An "affix" is an additional stat on a piece of gear. Most gear may only have up to 6 affixes.
Q: Can all gear in my bag be identified at one time?
A: Yes! Open your bag and tap the large magnifying glass at the bottom of the menu.
Q: Is there an auto pickup feature for items in game?
A: There is! You will unlock a new Pact feature and receive a "Pactspirit" upon clearing Chapter 1 of the main story. First, change your Pactspirit's behavior to "Follow" mode. Next, open the Pactspirit's "Settings", select "Pick-up", and enable the auto pickup feature.
Q: Are items shown on the mini-map after they are dropped?
A: Yes! In addition, to make sure that you never miss anything special, a unique sound effect plays when a rare item drops.
Q: What does "DPS" mean?
A: "DPS" stands for "damage per second" and serves as a good evaluation for measuring damage capabilities at the start of the game. Towards midgame, DPS becomes a less important measurement, as it fails to account for the effect that some affixes from Legendary gear have on battle.
Q: What is "Resistance"?
A: "Resistance" is absolutely vital and helps reduce damage taken from its corresponding element. As you complete main quests and your character progresses, requirements for Resistance will only grow.
Q: How do I quickly improve my damage at the start of the game?
A: Affixes such as "added *** elemental damage" are extremely useful at the start of the game and directly influence your damage output.
Q: Are stats directly improved when making a pact with a Pactspirit?
A: Pactspirits do not directly increase stats, but instead increase Pact Points. These points may then be manually assigned to improve the stats of your choice.
Q: How do I learn more skills?
A: Some skills are earned throughout the main quest. Other skills may be purchased from the Skill Merchant in your hideout.
Q: Can talents be reset?
A: Talents may be reset at no cost before Lv. 70. Reset Points, earned by exchanging Water of Forgetting, will be required after Lv. 70. They may also be earned when buying Sands of Time from the Shop.
Q: Can the game be paused during battle?
A: Yes! Opening your bag, skills, talents, and hero traits will pause the current battle.
Q: What should I do if I'm following a main quest and can't find an NPC or target monster I'm searching for?
A: Don't fret! Use the "Town Portal" feature to return to your hideout. Next, open the "World Map" and tap the chapter in which your issue occurred. Look for the "Reset" button in the lower right corner underneath the map's introduction to restore the area to its initial configuration. Lastly, reenter the area and proceed as normal.
Q: What is the penalty for dying in Torchlight: Infinite?
A: There is no penalty for dying in the early stages of the game. At higher levels, you will lose some of your EXP. Using a "Revival Token" will eliminate this EXP penalty.
Q: Are auto-pathing and auto-battle available in the game?
A: Leptis is an extremely dangerous place in which auto-pathing and auto-battle are sure to bring about death. As such, these features are not available. If you cannot find your destination during a quest, opening the quest menu will draw your path on the ground. You may then follow the path to the quest target.
Midgame (Lv. 50 to Lv. 70):
Q: Will I earn additional EXP fighting enemies of a higher level than my own?
A: Yes, but enemies at too high of levels will grant less EXP than normal.
Q: Is there a limit to the number of times I can enter the Netherrealm after activating it?
A: Yes. Hunters are limited to 6 chances to clear a Netherrealm after activating it. The number of your remaining chances is shown on the floor at the Netherrealm's gate. 1 chance is expended if you die within. 1 chance is also used if you return to your hideout and then reenter the Netherrealm.
Q: Where can outfits earned through the "Boon" be viewed?
A: Open your "Bag", tap "Info", and then select "Outfits" to view your collection.
Q: Where can I view all Legendary gear available in the game, and how can I find the pieces that I want?
A: Open the Trade House and use the search feature to view all of the Legendary gear and their stats available during closed beta. You may also see basic affixes from other pieces of gear.
Q: How can Energy provided by gear be increased?
A: Higher level gear (item level, not the level required to equip them) will provide greater Energy increases. Gear Energy may be refreshed by using Energy Cores with Maud in your hideout.
Q: Why does my Mana bar appear grey, and why does "Low Mana" show on the screen when I try to use a skill?
A: Aura, Imbue, and Triggered skills require that a certain amount of Mana be sealed and reserved. The Mana requirements of such skills also increases as they are upgraded. If you find that too much of your Mana is sealed by these skills, consider connecting Support skills such as "Cost Conversion" and "Restrain" to affect Mana costs.
Q: What does the affix "MF" stand for?
A: "MF" stands for Magic Find, an affix which increase the chance of finding treasure. "Drop Bonus" affects the drop rate of all items, while "Rare Bonus" affects the drop rate of rare items.
Endgame (Lv. 70 to Lv. 99):
Q: Why does the gear I'm crafting not result with the affixes I'm hoping for?
A: Only Lv. 80 and higher items (item level, not the level required to equip them) have the chance to be imbued during crafting with "Ominous Ember" and "Restless Ember."
Q: Why can I not craft gear with T1 affixes?
A: Only Lv. 85 and higher items (item level, not the level required to equip them) have the chance to be imbued with T1 affixes during crafting.
Q: Any tips for crafting gear?
A: Indeed! Using a Normal piece of gear and crafting it, beginning with the first affix, will save costs and make it cheaper to roll T1 effects.
Q: What should I do if I can't get past a certain Netherrealm difficulty?
A: This is considered to be a common occurrence. Don't get down on yourself if you can't clear a certain difficulty! Return to an easier setting, collect wares, upgrade your gear, and then come back to the more difficult Netherrealm after taking the necessary precautions!
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Q: Any plans for controller support? Would love to play this with the Razer Kishi.
use mantis gamepad it works with the razer kishi that's how I play this game
SgtKickAzzTTv TWITCH 📺
SgtKickAzzTTv TWITCH 📺
I am sooooo, disappointed in this game I mean its not even co-op. I get not being online due too the other Torchlights not being online, &also this is only beta run  buuut, one of them was co-op accessible. Back in the day if I am not mistakenly wrong you were able to play co-op with this game back in.the day day. I might be wrong about the Co-op part tho.   What's the point of making a mobile Torchlight If all there is too do is grind completely by yourself? I mean orher than that I ABSOLUTELY LOOOVE the game.   Oh yeah one more negative I wish that when you changed each piece of armor or shield the item showed on your character because as of right now each item looks the exact same there is absolutely  NO INDIVIDUALITY what so ever in the game. I mean I feel like all these things are common sense in the game genre I mean maybe I am wrong, & am just out of touch.   I highly doubt it, but maybe who knows anymore honestly.  The gaming world is absolutely insane anymore, anyhow.    Oh BTW, I have roughly 30 something hours of play time already so I know what I am saying. & have many many years of experience in video games and am aspiring game designer myself believe it or not.
Reading your last paragraph you'd think you know how betas and feature roll out works. Multiplayer is on the way, just not in yet. Seems like you got a lot to learn about game dev lifecycle.
Is it possible to use any weopon on any class? For example I always get ranged weopons that are better than my swords and I want to use them but I play berserker. It disables my skills when I equip the ranged weopons. Is it possible?
It depends on skills you've unlocked
Are we allowed to share footage or is there an NDA?
SgtKickAzzTTv TWITCH 📺
SgtKickAzzTTv TWITCH 📺
Yes you can share.
If the cbt is done, will all the progress gonna be wipe? Or save?
how can i report a bug? there is a crafting function on 1 character of level 69, but I decided to change the character during the leveling and now the berserker level 73 does not have a crafting function. what should i do with this problem?((
fdfdf dfdfdfd
fdfdf dfdfdfd
Is there a wipe out character progression after closed beta finishes? All grind hours efforts will be deleted?
MacaRiosity Gam
MacaRiosity Gam
Does our progress will reset after CBT?
Answers please
Where do you get additional pact Spirits?
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