Advanced Guide: God of Machines' Protection: Barrier

In addition to combining skills in the game, there are 6 special mechanisms that can be useful: [Hardened], [Thrill], [Surge], [Mark], [Barrier], and [Blur].
Although the 6 mechanisms are presented as statuses, they can achieve surprising effects when combined with proper skills and enhanced by related affixes.
[Barrier] is a survival mechanism. Basic effect: Absorbs damage equal to 15% maximum life and energy shield, but only up to 50% of the incoming damage. (can be increased by enhancement).
[Barrier] can be granted via support skill "Channel Protection" and active skill [Barrier Trigger], as well as God of Machines' core talent [Reactive Armor]. Studying some Medium Talent Points can also increase [Barrier]'s granting ways and chance.
Support Skill - Channel Protection: Supported channeled skills grant [Barrier] at maximum energy charges.
Legendary Gear - Sage's Disciple: Channeled skills grant [Barrier] at maximum energy charges.
Talent panel- God of Machines - Core Talent [Reactive Armor]: + 25% chance to grant [Barrier] when receiving Elemental damage.
Talent panel- God of Machines - Medium Talent: + 15% chance to grant [Barrier] when blocking.
Talent panel- Warlord - Medium Talent: + 10% chance to grant [Barrier] when blocking.
There are two directions to enhance [Barrier]: to enhance [Barrier]'s defensive effect, or to detonate [Barrier] as a way to deal damage.
Enhance defensive effect:
Talent panel- Steel Vanguard - Core Talent [Special Paint]: [Barrier] absorbs 100% Elemental damage, but no longer absorbs Chaos damage. + 50% [Barrier] absorption.
Talent panel- Alchemist - Core Talent - [Force Field]: [Barrier] absorption increases by an extra 10% energy shield. [Barrier] automatically [charges]. When acquiring the [Barrier], starts charging it.
Talent panel- Machinist - Medium Talent: Increases [Barrier] absorption ratio and absorption amount.
Legendary Gear - Unbreakable Armor: [Barrier] absorbs damage equal to 10% of armor.
Legendary Gear - Guild Guard Boots: Grants immunity to Elemental damage when you are under [Barrier] status.
Use [Barrier] to deal damage:
Talent panel- Machinist - Core Talent [Ember Barrier]: When barrier is removed, it explodes and ignites enemies nearby, dealing extra ignite damage equal to 500% of damage absorbed by the barrier for 4 seconds.
Generally speaking, [Barrier] provides temporary defense, whose thickness is determined by your life and maximum energy shield. [Barrier]'s thickness can be increased via enhancement. It is even possible to sacrifice Chaos damage absorption to increase Elemental damage absorption. Under special circumstances, [Barrier] can serve as a support role by detonating itself to damage nearby enemies.
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