edit: not only the auto battle is sucks, but the whole gameplay
when i operate it manual i can win against strong enemies, but the quest ask to battle with auto, and i lose just because the auto system is worst
cant move my team with best move and cant use skills wisely
the game difficult is worst, its really hard if you are a free player and the stage difficult too is weird like stage 7-1 hard is easier than stage 8-7 normal;
everything on shop is too expensive;
arena match is not sorted by same rank, like gold 1 can match with silver 1 lol;
guild wars cant attack with unit that you set up as defensive unit, so you need 8 unit max lv 70 to take control and win;
only some heroes that have costume or skin and thats hard to get it if you are a free player;
and the last thing, its hard to level up your unit beside from exp transfer or use exp booster
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