I played around 90 days for this, with first recharge about 1$ i dont know exactly. I get vip 6 for 80 days save vip exp pill.
Music: Lol, i turned off music and sound because i dont like them. Maybe it's good, but i like playing without any noise.
Gameplay: Good or very good.
First: because this game has many events to spend money for, simple who top-up many become stronger very fast, but they have a limit, i dont know, now, it's around some billion power, but some top-up less will get around 500m+ power. Hmm, if you farm for 1 year 2 year, you may hit some hundred million power.
Just because play it long enough, you can become god. Or if you have many small account, you will have many rare items like asura armor, poseidon armor,.etc...
Second: Strategy is well, as soon as you build your account exactly, you can beat someone have double your power. Ah yeah, then we have problem that, everyone know how to build their account, so you often lose someone have 1,5x your power.
But do you know we have 10 auras for each character, and change anyone will overturn result of battle? You dont have any auras combo to use throughout the game, your build can win someone, and, of course, lose someone. It is not all. You have many thing to choose, a build in an account become difference in an other one, just because they have difference status (attack, hp,.etc...)
And i like this the most: You have very many warsoul to choose. Tank, dps, buff, control,... ahahaha.
Each warsoul have their limited aura, often 7 or more. And general aura, we have 35 as image, and much more can collect through unfixed event like new warsoul event, every warsoul can use these auras. Each character can use up to 10 auras, up to 4 limited auras, and general auras up to 10, but because we often use max 4 limited auras, then only left 6 slot for general auras.
New warsoul will be released with unfixed time! Now we have 17 warsoul, choose 5 for you!
Hope see you soon in douluo dalu h5!
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