Celebrate PUBG Mobile's 4th Anniversary with Us!

Hi PUBG Mobile players,
We are giving away free PUBG Mobile redemption codes! Happy 4th Anniversary! 🎉
Visit PUBG Mobile on TapTap, grab one code, and get free rewards today! 
⬇️ Clicking the icon below and you will find the 🎁 Gift Code & Activation Code.
• Jungle Ranger Set(1d)
• Jungle Ranger Mask(1d)
• Jungle Ranger - PP-19 Bizon(1d)
• BP ×500
• Supply Crate Coupon x1
Event Period
Mar.18th ~ Apr.30th, 2022 23:59 (GMT-5)
How to Redeem PUBG Mobile Code?
Step 1: Download or open the App to join the event and get the "Redeem Code".
Step 2: Then go to PUBG Mobile Redemption Center: https://www.pubgmobile.com/redeem/
Step 3: Enter the "Character ID",  "Redemption Code", and "Verification Code" in the three columns, then click "Redeem".
Step 4: Then open PUBG Mobile again, and check your in-game Mail to receive rewards.
Character ID: Go to your PUBG Mobile profile to copy Character ID, which normally contains 5~12 numbers.
Verification Code: Try to refresh if the Verification Code error appears.
1. PUBG Mobile users must go to the Official App to grab the redeem code.
2. The code is only valid for a limited period of time (Mar.18th ~ Apr.30th, 2022 23:59 (GMT-5)) and must be used before it expires.
3. This event is for Android and IOS users. No region restrictions.
4. The PUBG Mobile Redeem Code could only be used once per account.