🕹Based on my experience playing on Steam Version, if you like kairosoft or Stardew Valley style games, this is a good choice for you. You can buy the game for less than $6 on Steam, It's a very good game for the price.
The advantage of the game is that anyone can easily play the game, and since there is no competitive element, you can develop your character to fit your style.
The fun factor is that the changes that are made as the story progresses create new synergies and make you think about ways that are different from the existing ones. In addition, the balance of enemies worth challenging due to power inflation is well balanced. The last boss was also great that it made me think about a combination of skill responses, rather than simply having a high character number and breaking it.
If you are even a little interested in the Tycoon series, this is a product you won't regret, yet it's cheap and easy to build. A game with a lot to learn about how to organize game content.
The mobile version will start testing on March 31st, and you can download the test version for free.😉
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raprap valdez
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