A masterpiece built by a fantastic team. Everything this studio produces is excellent, and Dungeon of the Endless is no exception. Making Dungeon of the Endless even more remarkable, this game was originally a PC game - yet, unlike typical PC to mobile ports, they preserved the gameplay perfectly. Wonderfully, they didn't microtransactions in a ploy to grab as much money as possible. The lack of any MTX shows that the team is proud of their game and has the strength to avoid compromising their art for profit. The mobile game market has long been unfortunately saturated with crappy, shit tier games that exist first and foremost to psychological manipulate the most vulnerable of our population into tossing away as much money as possible on meaningless, useless products instead of what a game is meant to be for: an artistic expression of the creator, a curated experience for the player designed with love and care. This game holds true to the values of its creators and refuses to compromise on quality for the sake of making some worthless CEO somewhere a little bit richer.
The game itself is undoubtedly one of the best dungeon defense games - if you could even call it that. It's as if the creators first asked themselves, "what if we design a roguelike dungeon defense game with some real-time strategy (something this team is very well versed in producing, with several iterations of Endless Space creating both a highly complex and yet simultaneously highly accessible to even the most casual of players) and a focus on gameplay as storytelling (i.e., the player is unknowingly creating a large quantity of the story themselves through the game as a medium, as the game provides character details, some speech, little story beats scattered around here and there, and the late subconsciously links these into a cohesive story, filing in the gaps with their imagination driven by the gameplay itself)?" The result? Dungeon of the Endless.
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