Isn't one of the main reasons why I don't usually enjoy playing games because I'm tired of games that are always dotted with the same genre and material? In that sense, the game system of Sunless City, which will be introduced today, is out of the main flow of the existing market and touches its own unique domain. Enough to break through my game insensitivity shield.
Sunlesscity is definitely different from the existing mobile RPGs dotted with messy billing systems. Let's take a brief look at how the novel concept of healing through the night view is implemented in a real game.
Like healing games/clickers, Sunlesscity has no goals or endings. It's all about taking a leisurely look at the city I built with my own hands and enjoying the various episodes of the people who live in it.
Although the game is a simple clicker game, there are many missions in the game and even hidden missions, so you can decorate your city background while clearing the missions for a long time.
The advantages of the game are quite clear.
You can enjoy the night view of each country, and you can decorate the night view according to your own style. In addition, the night view and various BGM of the game go well together.
It is a game that expresses the atmosphere and concept quite well. It could also be a clicker game, but the developer's various attempts such as storytelling, building arrangement, and decorations for each character and night view are visible.
The gameplay is simple. With just a click, you can acquire the stars and then collect them to purchase buildings and decorations that match the night view. The final goal is to make a night view that matches the mission and the mission will be cleared.
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