Personally, I think the basic elements of FPS are the controls, the graphics, and the characteristics of each of the items of firearms. This game gives me a very special feeling. Aside from the basic FPS and TPS genres, this game is a collaboration between TPS and strategy elements. So, I love this game I would like to give a fairly high score for the fact that I made a new attempt and released a game that collaborated with a hardcore genre on mobile.
The menu is divided into 5 sections.
1,headquarters: Responsible for upgrading units
2,Armory: This is a menu to set the unit's armor. Armor can be purchased with game money or cash.
3,Officer's tent: This menu is for special units, where you can upgrade or purchase specific units.
4,barracks: This is where you manage random units in the game. Units can be collected from random boxes, and the collected units can be upgraded to suit the character the user wants.
5, battle cards: There are various types of cards. Various cards exist, such as attack cards and construction cards, and these cards are used as skill cards in battle. In the beginning, if you upgrade your attack card to main, the effect will be better.
Compared to Tier 1 (COD M, PUBG Newstate), it shows very poor graphics.
While it doesn't really affect gameplay, having vision problems in shooters is a pretty big problem. Also, since it is a game with strategic elements, the map needs to be displayed at a glance, but in this part, the intuition to check the map or the battle scenes are quite lacking.
Because the units produced by Barracks are used randomly, the fun of nurturing various characters is fresh enough and provides a variety of strategic routes. That's why I think it's a game that sticks to the TPS + strategy element.
The problem is that the strengths and weaknesses of characters of different classes in combat are not clearly visible. I think it would be a better game if we supplemented the points that emphasize the characteristics of various characters.
It was released in 2017, but the developer's efforts to continuously update it are wonderful.
However, since the launch in 2017, there have been user feedbacks about the issue of not being able to connect to multiplayer and the issue of vision, which has not been resolved yet.
We'd like some quick developer feedback on this.
Overall Review:
As I said before, I think the novel collaboration of Strategy + TPS is a great challenge.
The fact that there are almost no P2W elements is also an attractive point of the game.
But for perfect gameplay, I think you need to upgrade the strategy + TPS element even more.
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