Soccer Spirits.. a-and Me

Oh why this game appear on recommendation. Long story short this is one of games I play wholeheartedly for years. But at the time I quit after major update that change the game system, not the gameplay but many things changed and I kinda shooked. Months ago, the lingering reminiscences made me back. I play with new account fresh start and there's login event that gives you many resources especially 300+ tickets for gacha, so it's a good start. Team building goes smoothly with may be 8 Legendary chars or so. But sh**s happen, the devs officially announced that they will not do any more big updates or major updates or big events and stuff like that though the game is still operating and well, this bs broke my heart. Just the disappointment hits so hard *drama* *drama*
Bully Maguire: Gonna cry?
Yep, that's it.. I don't know about any news related to this game after so maybe that could be mistaken or I hope so.
Thank you Com2Us and FU-
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