If you're looking for a space-based midcore strategy game, we think Infinite Galaxy is probably on your radar. It's about building an empire that embraces the stars, and although it has some minor problems, it's still a huge, fun, and extremely immersive journey into the depths of the cosmos.
The story here revolves around a messy group of space rangers who discover an old abandoned spaceship and begin using it to correct some intergalactic wrongs. You'll receive a spaceport, your army, and more as you play through the soft tutorial that makes up the first hour or so of the experience.
Everything is handled with touches and pressures, from navigating menus to sending your fleet to explore, search and attack other bases. The universe is huge, so you'll spend a lot of time flying in the dark and discovering new areas to exploit and protect.
The game certainly looks gorgeous. Sure, a lot is just black, but there are plenty of things to do here to keep your eyes interested. This is especially true in battles, where explosions and lasers really explode from the screen. The design of the ship is also damn beautiful. The universe seems real, a living, respiratory expanse in which to get lost.
The battles are short but explosive. You have control of a few bits and bobs: hit the screen and your flagship will move into the position. Most of the footage is taken out of your hands, but you have special moves on the charging timers that you can choose when to unleash. It's not very involved, but there's more here than in many other similar games
There is a depth in Infinite Galaxy that many other games will be jealous of. There is always something to do, always a new area to explore or some space pirates to try to defeat. Whether you're jumping in for a few minutes or settling in for a longer gaming session, you'll leave feeling damn satisfied.
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Charlie Quiz
Charlie Quiz
that is the type of games that I am looking for ship in space fighting
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