FAQ | Paper Bride 2 Zangling Village

Paper Bride 2 Zangling Village will be released tomorrow! On the eve of the release, we have prepared a game FAQ for everyone~
🔖Q: What is the launch time for Android and IOS?
🔎A: on May 20 at 02:00 (UTC)!
🔖Q: Are there any requirements for mobile phone configuration?
🔎A: Android requires a mobile phone system version 6.0 or above
IOS requires mobile phone system version 11 or above
🔖Q: Does the game require payment?
🔎A: The game has no compulsory paid content, and it is free to play after the release. If you feel difficult, you can also freely choose advertisements or buy coins to assist your experience. You don't need any assistance if you use clues wisely.
🔖Q: Will changing devices keep the game progressing?
🔎A: Clearing the cache, reinstalling the game, and replacing the device will clear the current progress, please operate with caution!!
🔖Q: What should I do if I encounter problems such as lag, unable to watch advertisements, and crashing in the game?
🔎A: If this happens, please try the following methods:
After waiting for a few seconds, see if the loading is successful;
●Exit the game, switch the mobile network wifi/4G or 5G, and re-enter the game, click to have a try;
●If you can't solve it, please go to the Discord Community Bug& Suggestions Feedback section to inform the administrator;
🔖Q: Why is there no sound when entering the game?
🔎A: You can check whether the mobile phone has turned on silent mode. If you use a Bluetooth headset, there is a chance that this will happen.
🔖Q: I have game suggestions or comments?
🔎A: Please go to discord [suggestion channel] to leave a message.
💌Official community:https://discord.gg/JbXaGxFhZZ
🔖Q: What is the theme of the game?
🔎A: Paper Bride is a Chinese Horror Puzzle Game. The game contains a lot of traditional Chinese folk cultures so if you want to know more about Chinese traditional culture, please have a try. Some scenes involve strange and exciting plots, which may cause physical discomfort. Sensitive people are advised to play with caution.
🔖Q: Some notes on advertising
🔎A: Thank you for your love and support for our game. Only the advertisements in the chapter transitions need to be watched. The other advertisements such as prompts are not compulsory to watch. If you encounter difficult puzzles, you can also communicate and discuss them with all your friends.
Thank you for your understanding.
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