A Great game with tons of PVE content and character to collect.
bunch of stuff has been improve since I stop playing the SEA server awhile ago.
though I don't appreciate the story mode improvement as the gameplay mechanic are completely wipe.
now everytime I finish a story cutscenes the game redirect straight to battle without having to navigate the ship through the map while keeping a lookout on the enemies as each ship can only battle 2 times before running outta ammo.
A free contract mission was the only part where the game still keeping the old gameplay mechanic.
the daily grind are fast and skipping a battle no longer require the info currency which is nice.
as for the Gear system,it SUCK ass.
everythings related to Gear stuff beside enchantments are completely RNG bullsh**.
Gear that are redeem through shop are always end up as Anti Siege or Anti Tower set which is useless on pvp.
the game oso give certain character a special tier 6 Gear upon hitting level 100 but the game Dev doesn't care about character role or specialty so it is normal to get an Evasion set for a sniper character that has a zero Evasion stats.
it is possible to change the set type though but it is expensive when doing it on tier 6 equipment and it's completely RNG.
Now for the Gauntlet battle(the PVP), the Strategy battle are okay I guess,it's fully auto battle but the Rank match which is the real-time battle pvp mode is a complete joke mainly because....
the Awakened Hilde are a broken ass defender character that has a very f*** up stats and are impossible to beat specially when she's at max level 110, even when she's on a double ban it's still manage to screw me over.
95% of the time I played the Ranked match are all just filled with another Awekened Hilde appreciator.
The voice dubbing are great specially the Korean one,as for the Japanese's just so-so.
ive heard enough japanese dubbing in anime style game for the past decade so it is refreshing to have an alternative beside Japanese dub.
The story is very enjoyable, sometime it's funny other time it's sad.
Overall it's still a great game even with all those RNG equipment system.
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