Bibi World - Gameplay Walkthrough | Kamal Gameplay | Part 1 (Android, iOS)

Bibi World - Gameplay Walkthrough | Kamal Gameplay | Part 1 (Android, iOS)
DISCOVER a funtastic universe.
COMPETE with your friends.
PLAY with endless fun.
From the creators of the breakout hit FRAG Pro Shooter, comes an all new open world extravaganza of party fun like never before! In BiBi World you can play with your friends as you explore incredible locations, take on challenging levels, and compete against others in multiple mini games. Style your character the way you want in this thrilling metaverse of excitement! With the addition of a new competitive Match 3 Versus mode (where you can battle against others headon) and the insanely fun mode where you supersize the action, you'll never run out of things to do!
Choose from a massive range of unique stylized characters and jump right into the fun with the best multiverse game around!
- Join a massive multiplayer party-game session that unites up to 30 players at the same time!
- Play with your friends and challenge them to finish the most insane levels across multiple games, all in record time!
- Be the last one standing and claim your spot at the top of the Bibi Universe.
- Share your favorite moments, build new worlds, and make friends on your way to gaming glory!
- Tons of exciting game modes and now with two amazing new options: Match 3 Versus &
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