A love letter to the Original Streets of Rage fans

As a huge fan of beat him up games I myself and streets of Rage is one the games I grow up playing so for me the news of streets of  rage 4 is coming to Android was a dream come true,, I already did played this game on my PS4 uncountable hours so I already know how awesome this game is,,
it seems like the developer love this game as much as we fan did and you can see that love on this game design,,
Street of range games were always about being a beat him up game but at the same time being a very addicted  fun to play and skill based game, even the class Street of rage had some issue with enemy design which I was not very happy with but these all annoying things has been ripped off from the this game,,,   
you can play this game like usual beet him up game and enjoy it or you can challenge yourself to get better and complete the entire game without even dying once,,
Now days there are not many games to give you the same experience,,
Unlike classic streets of rage this game is all about knowing your enemy and exploding there weakness,,
You can  do a full combo to a boss  if you know what your are doing,,  I have to say so much great things about this game if I won't stop typing it would be a full documentary 😅,,
So all I can say that this streets of rage 4 cross all my expectations of being one of the best in the series with extremely well balanced gameplay with marvelous soundtracks and beautiful graphics,
10 out 10 ❤️
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