Darkrise is simply and amazing

Hello im Ginisis and welcome to my Darkrise Review,,
Darkrise is 2d action rpg with matroidvania style gameplay with,,.   im huge fan of Castlevania myself so this game already have a soft spot on me ,,
with simple combat and Rpg elements this game still hve lots under the skin,,
++ Class ++
there are 3 starting class,, like mostly basic RPG games,, Warrior Mag and Ranger,,
every character play different from each others and also have different passive amd active skill,,
with such a simple mechanic this game actually have deep skill tree system ,,   
active skill can be learn by reading books which you find on your adventure  and passive skill learn by leveling up,,   each class have different passive and active skills tree and you can decide how you want to build your character by selecting passive skill by your choice,,
For example,,
playing with warrior you can either choose to have more damage or health or speed and same goe with mage high damage or high hige mana,,
Because of this simple mechanic this game is surprisingly have lots of rplay value,,
++NPC and quests++
I never seen any game with 2D graphics and metroidvenia have this kind of npc (nonplayble character),,
so you basically get side quest from npc but it's not just go there and talk to that npc,
there is actually deep amount of conversation it depend how you approach a conversation and the npc react to your choice differently,, and thats something i never seen in any android rpg game not even big MMO games,,
++Free to play++
the game have two type of different currency but is far I played there is no online paying requirement for any item or anything,, this game is playable without even paying a anything which is actually amazing and this age of pay to play games era,, as far my personal experience go I didn't notice anything that required You pay money if there is something then please let me know,,
++Final thoughts++
I can't even remember how many sides scrolling metroidvenia platform game I have played in my life,,
nowadays finding a good game is pretty difficult,,  and I am happy to say that this game is actually a pretty good game not too much deep or not too much detail but still a pretty good time killer and i loved it,, so if you into metriodvania type games then try this one out is must for you,,
++ About me ++
please let me know do you like this game or not,
if you have any suggestions for me to check out a game then let me know on comments section,,
i will reactive my YouTube channel and I also play challenging game  and post the gameplay here and my YouTube so make sure to follow me for more review and upcoming gamesplay,,
The link of my YouTube videos will be here soon,
Keep on playing 🎮
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