These are some of my favorite games, and here's why.
Apex Legends Mobile- While it's a bit behind the console and pc version, it's still an amazing game to play. The soundtrack is also awesome, and the gameplay is super fun. There are many different modes to try, and since each round only lasts about 15 minutes, you can play it for just a little bit without worrying about being late to some event.
Battle Prime- The only complaint I have about this one is the graphics being kind of questionable, but it the sheer amount of modes and ways to play the game make up for it.
Archero- I've played this game for years, because while there are many different modes, they have the same sort of layed back feel. Great for if you just want to chill.
Soul Knight- Honestly with this one, no matter what I say you won't get the full feeling of it unless you try it yourself. It's a really fun dungeon crawler-style game with lots of cool weapons, and with the auto aim feature you don't have to worry about being a good shot. If you want to do the co-op mode though, make sure you have some really good internet.
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