The game draws you in with a peaceful and pleasant performance, as if the summer breeze gave birth to you curb the expanses of sleep.. But after a couple of days, you begin to understand that the real soul is minimal here and everything is attached to the grind and rivalry with other players. Nevertheless, there are new mechanics, the gacha is quite generous and you can generally live without investing in the game. The design of the world and characters is based on Genshin, even the idle animation of the character here is the same as that of the main character in Genshin (I generally keep quiet about the similarity of Lumin with Shirli). You can create your own and interesting character, I will throw off a picture of mine below.
In total, we have the following advantages: 
— Beautiful characters, the attractiveness of which makes you look at them (I personally have a foot fetish and I could not get rid of the aesthetic);
— Music to make your day better;
— Types and plot that at first seem interesting;
— Generous gacha
And such shortcomings:
— The monotony that eats from the inside in a week;
— Mindless grind for "uh, I'm stronger than you" like we're five years old;
— Some bugs and very clumsy movements NPC;
— This is a clone of Genshin, who does not even hide it.
3.7 out of 5. If you want some variety for a couple of days, then go ahead, but in general this is an empty game for the sake of grinding
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clone version games is worse than original version waste of time either
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Rick Ray
Rick Ray
Yeah it may be a "clone" as you said but ironically this "clone" turned out to be better than the dumb original imao. The incredible character customisation alongside an actually voice acted protagonist put this game way ahead of that generic garbage g.i
pfft are you coping or what, tof plot so bad my dead grandpa almost come back alive from grave
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