NEW EVENT: End of Twilight - Eternal Evolution

Dear Commanders,
The long-awaited new event End of Twilight has started! Do not miss the chance to get more rewards such as new frames like Peerless Leader, new Divine Prototype parts like Prism Amulet, SSS Hero Selection Shards (Nadilus/Aniruddha/Prigor), Gene Mutation Crystals (items used for Hero Hyper Evolution), Mythic Runes, Diamonds, and etc.
Open Conditions: The server you are on has opened for more than 14 days, and you must pass Stage Progress 8-40.
Season Duration: 14 days. After the seventh day of the season, the End of Twilight will be unavailable for the Commanders who have not entered this season.
Event Rules:
1. This event has 10 chapters, each of which has 10 stages. The 10th stage of each chapter has a powerful boss that can be defeated to earn huge rewards.
2. The HP and energy of heroes are persistent across battles. Heroes that have been killed cannot be used in subsequent battles. When you lose a battle, the HP and energy of enemies will persist to the new battle. Enemy units that have been killed will not respawn. When the battle countdown timer ends, all heroes on the battlefield will die.
3. You may reset your heroes once a day. When heroes are reset, their HP is restored to the max. The reset function refreshes every day at 05:00. We recommend you use the reset chance after all heroes have died, which can maximize the effect of the reset function.
4. When your heroes are deployed, they may trigger a class bond if the conditions are met. You can make use of class bonds to reduce the difficulty of stages. In the battle preparation interface, you can pay attention to the tips of recommended heroes to match the lineup.
5. During the battle, the enemies will gradually increase their damage as the battle time increases. Normal/Elite/Chief levels will increase damage from 30s/55s/85s respectively.
6. The first 10 players to clear a chapter will be named Heralds, and will be able to provide the Herald’s Power buff to all players who challenge the chapter after them. The buff will greatly reduce the basic stats of enemies in the corresponding chapter.
7. The event will remain active for a limited time. The final rewards will be issued in accordance with the progress of players at the end of the event. 
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