games like genshin!

im a huge fan of genshin impact (like you, im assuming) so here are a list of gacha anime whatevrr whatever games, hopefully itll be helpful and interesting for those who seek similar!
obviously, if you enjoy genshin, you will likely enjoy the other games hoyo has/is working on! i really love honkai impact 3rd, the characters and gameplay/story are very engaging and im sure you will love the pretty anime girls as much as i do :)
despite being a competitor to genshin, this game is also really fun! it definitely takes a lot of inspiration from genshin, but its fun to play while waiting for new updates/etc. its open world as well! and you can collect characters as well :)
THIS! if youre a huge fan of catgirls and other animal people, you’ll love arknights! you can collect characters with the goal of protecting certain areas from enemies, kind of like clash of clans! extra points for the bunnygirl main character, shes adorbs :)!!!!
blue archive! again, really appeals to the whole cute anime girl audience, playing like a typical rpg, progressing through stages and upgrading your girls along the way. very chill and wholesome! many side stories hanging out with the girls and helping them with stuff, its very cute!!
alchemy stars! also utilises the stage by stage progression, but plays kinda like a board or puzzle game! multiple anime girls and guys to collect as well!
p:gr has AMAZING character design! the characters are interesting to look at and really feed into that cyberpunk-like aesthetic, both girls and guys, the animations are some of my faves :D
a bit of an obscure one, but space leaper:cocoon is also a stage by stage progression game, where you can collect cute space girls! the art style is very retro/2d like, kinda reminds me of the pokemon art style, or maybe old legend of zelda games.
i hope you enjoyed! hopefully i brought some new games to your attention :)
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