Kof Allstar - Miracle Omega Rugal Summons/Yep That Happen

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The tournament to find the best fighting champion in the world begins now!
Create a team of the best fighters to stand alongside you in battle.
▶ Extreme Combo Action
Amazing graphics and easy-to-learn touch controls create the ultimate action experience!
Fast-action gameplay at your fingertips. Combine stunning combos and execute powerful special moves.
Enjoy heart-pounding, fast-paced gameplay with KOF ALLSTAR!
▶ Play the entire series of ”The King of Fighters“ in this action brawler!
The first of its kind, beat ‘em up action game with all characters from the entire KOF series from KOF '94 to KOF XIV.
Choose from over 200 original fighters and create the strongest team! All your old favorites are here, but you will find new characters as well!
▶ Fast-Paced Real-time Matches
Take on players around the world in real-time matches to determine who is the true King of Fighters! Compete in Arena, League Match, Tournament modes and more as you use your skills to become the greatest of all time!
▶ Strategic Co-Op Play
Ally yourself with other players to take on the bad guys. Work together to create strategies and be victorious!
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