Ps2 emulator on Android are rocking!

there was a time I would give anything to play ps2 games on my pc, but the emulator back then was not so good, but we came so far from that now, ps2 on Android and it's working perfect fine is just something that I never though would be possible, but I'm obsessed with ps2 games from weeks and playing on Android is just something amazing experience,
Castlevania curs of darkness has been one of my all time favorites game on ps2 and it is just working completely fine,
Wild arms 5 was a long running exclusive ps2 RPG game with unique concept and gameplay, I always wanted to play this game and now finally I'm playing it thanks to this excellent emulator, this game is not very well in terms of frame rather the game get slow but since it's an RPG game that's not a big problem,
In terms of shock resident evil 4 is the first game I start playing and it is unbelievable that how smooth it is running, I am also half of the game and I have been streaming it on my YouTube the struggle with controls are obvious 😂,, but I honestly don't care much, because this masterpiece is just so fun to play specifically since RE 4 remake is almost arriving,
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