Less Bugs, More Damage

- Fixed a bug where the Russian language option would sometimes not appear. (Improvements to Russian translation and language layout coming soon!)
- Fixed a bug where enemy damage bonuses would not reset after the elite that provided the buff was defeated, causing their damage to sometimes scale to ridiculous amounts.
- Fixed a bug related to shrine effects expiring that could cause the player's damage to be reduced.
- Fixed a bug with the physics that could cause projectiles to miss enemies
- Shrine Kill Requirement Malice modifier can now be enabled, bringing the total Malice available to 70.
- Galaxy Brain Triple Damage Chance increased from 10% + 1% per aura level to 10% + 2% per aura level
- Reverberation now also gains -2% cooldown reduction for each level of the aura when evolved.
- Enemy Frequency Malice modifier is now free. The Malice list has been rearranged to make more sense, with the most difficult options at the bottom.
- All Unbound Auras that previously cost 4 have been reduced to cost 2.
- All Unbound Auras that previously cost 7 have been reduced to cost 4.
- Some unbound Auras that previously cost 9 have been reduced to cost 7.
- Fixed a bug where the character "Eden" would show as being unlocked when she is not yet available in early access.
- Fixed a bug where the additional Triple Damage Chance from leveling Brainpower was not being taken into consideration for the Critical Chance bonus from Full Force (Evolution effect of Intensity Aura)
- Added support for analog stick in menus
Keep an eye out for an update later today that will add 3 new Illegal Spells, and some new Illegal Upgrades!
New spellbooks and spells also coming later this week!
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