First impression,since i might not gonna play this for long time

Mom theres a game in my bug..yes a LOT of bug for example:
Playing my bug in zoom out satelite mode maybe
vvery cool indeed
Reroll kinda easy just rename folder thingy and u can get a lot ssr from tutorial gacha and the gacha can be rerolled to so its ppretty good here
for example this screenshot got 4 ssr,not bad but i think people only look for kirito aand asuna ssr besides some SR ability might better to use than SSR depend on characters
Oh look 10 ticket gacha from preregist lemme use it 1 by 1 since i cant fkin use 10 in one click also the loading of gacha took atleast 69hour per 1 gacha,wonderful
events reward kinda good tho,the titles only for no lifer but overall good in event
They add backsound music not like CBT thats pretty cool,but the Lobby screen still that white boring room still a meh for me even the 2D design for lobby screen might better
How about the story? right u need to clear 1-9 to proceed a new story ofc fantastic
Recommend lv5 *proceed to use lv57* got hit by goblin still dying aand damage taken rank C-D bro
Also the camera is cant be moved?and its auto lock to enemy,ive tried looking in option if there might something that change it but theres none so its kinda deal breaker for me here and when got hit its not so smooth like G****in imp*** where you can just stand up by pressing dash,the character really just take the damage like a man (even some of em not man lol...) yeah its really hard to avoid damage and cant just move after got hit
Well anyways in conclusion its worth it if u like SAO,not worth if u doesnt even know SAO
6/10 overall since i dont really enjoy the story
Mentioned games
What folder u need to rename tho
open File>Android>Data> rename com.bandainamcoent.saovsww for example rename it be saovswww then delete your game aplication data after that rename again to saovsww then open your game with new progress without need to download again
Hero sai
Hero sai
but bro there is a network issue bro how to play this game
Mr.Handsome with gun
Mr.Handsome with gun
i'm stuck at notification, can't close it at all
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