Do you worth by playing Neural Cloud?

Neural Cloud is a sci-fi strategy card game that's set in the popular Girls' Frontline (GFL) franchise. You're tasked with building teams based around GFL's iconic Dolls—Androids designed for war, labor, and entertainment—and guiding them out of a ruined virtual world.
As we all know the game 'Neural Cloud' is currently trending or popular on Taptap Community,i want to ask first to development team is it reincarnated from Ark nights?It's not copied from anywhere.Tactics are good in this game.Might sure they respond to my report as i seem this.Thank you for making much 'Bishojo' genre game.I ain't doing this as for viewers i am asking results from their team.
Would it will be made better or needed to fix issues during maintenance?
Disclaimer:Don't have any intention or mistegarding info.
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