Project Neural Cloud Is A MUST Play For Any Gamer...

Project Neural Cloud delivers an amazing experience for a mobile game. The graphics are both visually appealing as well as attractive. The characters on the battlefield are represented in a Chibi art style, while the images in the menus give a more realistic 2D look to the girls. The gameplay is where the game really shines and brings a strategic outlook on tradition autoplay mobile games. The game has some features during battle that are automated, however it forces you to control when to activate ultimate's and when to activate special tactic skills. This keeps you constantly engaged and waiting for the opportune time to activate these abilities.
The gameplay doesn't stop there though. It continues to deliver more depth than most gacha mobile games. When doing main story chapters, you are met with a pick a path style of levels to choose from. Some will have normal enemies while others may have stronger enemies that will reward you with better items. There is also function areas that let you collect function cards that can give special effects and boosts to your dolls power in battle. During a chapter mission your characters HP will continue to carry over to the next battle. So, if one doll suffers massive damage in one battle, then the next battle they will start with a low amount of HP. Not to worry though because the pick a paths offer a healing path as well. This makes the game strategic and fun as you will be planning out your path and making choices on the fly.
Monetization wise the game is what you would expect from a AAA mobile game. It has some aggressive moves with packs popping up encouraging you to spend money. Spending money in the game is still an option and certainly not needed in order to fully enjoy the game. The audio brings you into the dolls atmosphere and gets you excited and amped up. Aside from the traditional game modes you also have an area called the oasis. In this area you will be constructing your only small city. Different building will give passive materials that can be used to help power up your dolls. My favorite feature though is the weather simulation. Inside the oasis there is a building that will simulate the weather from anywhere around the world and bring that weather to your oasis. Overall Neural Cloud is an amazing game that any RPG gacha fan will love. I highly recommend you at least give it a try, you won't be disappointed.
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Yes but it has Chibis...that's an automatic fail.
andandoned after 2 months, gacha rates are bad and after a while it's characters dependent. also no voices on story. it's not a bad game, but nothing incredible
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