Neural Cloud First Impressions

Neural Cloud is a roguelike strategy RPG game from Sunborn and a spin-off from the super popular Girls’ Frontline series. Neural Cloud draws you in with the tease of a unique, and immersive story taking you into the depths of a digital world known as Magrasea. Here you play the role of a professor who must lead a group of “dolls” (summonable units) known as the Exiled in a battle against hostile unknown forces. Now I don’t want to discuss the story too much as I really recommend you all give Neural Cloud a try for yourself so I’ll leave that for you to check out on your personal time; just know, unlike many other mobile games this story actually seems worth the read!
Moving along into the most important aspect of any mobile title, the actual gameplay! The gameplay of Neural Cloud is presented as a strategy RPG calling for you to place your “dolls” on a grid style battle scene prior to engaging in combat. Your placements of these dolls will play a large role in determing the outcome of each battle so be sure to plan carefully based on the terrain, various obstacles that may impact your placements, and the types of enemies you are facing as they all have their own specialties and if not dealt with accordingly they can wreck any plan laid out.
Neural Cloud takes the strategy to the next level with the addition of “Tactical Skills” that allows the player to utilize timely, well-planned skills upon reaching the required amount of energy to do so. These skills include things like teleports that can help you reposition characters in a pinch, active skill charges to help utilize your dolls’ active abilities, and Ultimate attacks that can be triggered by the player upon reaching full charge!
Combine this with the fact that each scenario presents its own sets of challenges and you have a very well done combat system ready for players to enjoy in Neural Cloud!
Beyond the actual combat, Neural Cloud features a main story mode that sometimes takes you into a roguelike setting that allows you to stack up on powerful function cards that help you strategize and garner more power as you traverse deeper into the level.
The gacha system in Neural Cloud seems to be a rather player friendly one, not only do the lower rarity dolls seem to have good utility, but there’s even some rather decent quality of life features implemented into the gacha system to make it a more enjoyable experience including a reasonable pity set to 60, and a beginner 3star pool of characters to choose from!
Beyond that, Neural Cloud includes many of the features you would come to expect from a gacha rpg, with growth functions, missions to accomplish, casual features like the dormitory, and other functions to help you power up your dolls.
+ Character Design
+ Gameplay is unique and fun
+ Wide variety of strategies
+ Low pity on gacha
+ Good gameplay loop
+ Amazing OST
+ Presentation is top notch
- Chibi May turn off some players
- Auto chess gameplay may not be for everyone
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