This game is actually a FREE Visual Novel (fully voiced) with amazing and strategic combat. There are so many combinations and elemental types in this game, moreover a mechanic such as buff, debuff, ultimate charge, etc. The game is very simple yet can be complex to master.
There are so many 3* alternatives and they give 1-2 EVERY week and maxed skills. The design is very gorgeous. Also, they give new story to unveil every single week not including the main story. All story is fully voiced! They really put effort in that
Pulls income are nice for f2p, you get around 100 pulls every single month. In addition they will give more if there are celebrations and such. Also, the rates are 4% for highest rarity. That means statistically you can get approximately 1 highest rarity every 2-3 multis
The game holds very big collab every 6 months. There are 2 versions, global and JP. JP is quite far ahead and have already collab with big IP such as Re:Zero, DanMachi, Overlord, Railgun, BoFuri, and more to come!
The game is SUPER CHILL because its a free fully voiced visual novel with "endgame" that is not necessary for F2P players to compete in. The Arena and EX-Arena give much rewards but do not reward the player with gems so casual F2P does not feel left behind at all. Our pull income is from doing daily, login, and be loyal to the game because they give so much as stated by just playing.
Note: I have been playing since release August last year and willl still recommend this game!
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