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Player of the week - KEKEnate
Written by - Epiphamy
The idea of having KEKEnate for an interview actually came to me quite some time ago, when I first read one of his long professional reviews to be more exact. It was truly a surprise to me when I reached out to him on Discord and found that we actually share the same mother tongue and work in the same industry, which also makes our communications easier and more lighthearted. “I’m pretty much an open-minded gamer addicted to those old-school classics,” he gave me a very accurate description when asked to summarize his gaming persona in one sentence.
KEKEnate’s passion for those classic titles originated from the influence received from his father and his older cousin. “I started to play games because they were playing games when I was still a kid,” he said. His older cousin was the leader of an amateur DotA team representing his university, and that also triggered KEKEnate’s interest in this game. “He looked so cool when playing DotA with his team in matches. And the game looked quite interesting to me.” KEKEnate revealed. “I started to play DotA, and later I also played games like World of Warcraft and StarCraft from Blizzard, which I became of huge fan of.” Until today, he would still spend a few hours after work playing Dota 2 with his friends.
“I was also a beta test player when League of Legends first came out,” he told me one fun fact. As a huge MOBA lover, KEKEnate played many MOBA games but still loves the Dota series the most. What’s pretty impressive is that, like his older cousin, he also became a leader of the Esports team during his university years, playing Dota 2 mainly. “To be honest, League of Legends is a bit easy for me in terms of the whole gameplay design,” he laughed. In addition to MOBA games, KEKEnate is also a senior player of RTS games. “I also love to discover new games I haven’t played on Steam, mainly from Steam Next Fest and seasonal sales,” he added, “I’m not an expert in FPS or TPS games though. Just don’t have the talent for those games.”
As someone who’s pretty addicted to playing basketball and football in real life, KEKEnate also plays quite a few sports games. “The one that I love the most on mobile is the eFootball series.” Outside of gaming, he also has a good taste in music. He’s been a huge fan of The Script ever since middle school, and thanks to his recommendation, I’m listening to The Man Who Can’t Be Moved right when I’m writing this post.
It’s nice to really have the opportunity to chat with KEKEnate, not only because he’s been pretty active on TapTap (well this is the biggest reason though), but also because there’s always tons of fun for me to talk with people working in the same industry as I am. And I truly look forward to our next conversation about games and about more.
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A light-hearted and humorous interview, thanks to Amy!
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