I think I might have my driver's license now

So this is what a simulator looks like? I love how they included almost every detail of the car. It's a plus that it has a mini-map on the left side of the screen and also the background music has a happy tone, so it gives good vibes while playing.
Giving arrows and road signs is a plus, especially for those who are still on the student permit. It gives the player insight into how road signs should be read and how to park. You have to follow the arrow to arrive at the finish line. I also want to warn others to slow down so they don't lose control.
I suggest having its game controls more like a steering wheel, so it's easier to rotate or move. Also, it lacks gears, so I think it might be helpful to add those to fully experience driving a car. And including some rocky roads can increase challenges.
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it can have bether controlls this is okay for automatic cars but its missing a lot
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