Soul of Eden Will Launch on August 26. Details of the Four Fractions and Art Style Revealed!

As we mentioned earlierSoul of Eden, a competitive card game mixed with real-time strategy elements, will come to Android and iOS on August 26. Soul of Eden is developed by Rayark, who creates the renowned Deemo and Cytus
The pre-registration for Soul of Eden started in late July. Up to now, the pre-registration has hit the 500,000 milestones. To celebrate this achievement, details about the game’s four major factions and art style are revealed. 
The Four Fractions
► Gardis/Republic - Technology and Tactics
After a long period of civil war, the humans established the Gardis Republic. Although there was a period of prosperity and peace, a new threat is lurking in the background. Gavin, the leader of the Gardis Republic, has sensed this to be so and has put all of his efforts into developing technological weapons and mechanical devices, swearing to change the fate of mankind. Fight for true freedom! 
As the Republic is set in a modern sci-fi background,  it chooses dark blue armor and troops as the main themes in the art design.
▷ Representative Character: Furi
Furi can restore the HP of all ally units. She also has a special twin pistol attack, which causes damage and stuns the enemy.
► Lurkein/Aliens - Mutation and Evolution
A secret human experiment gone awry caused the transformation of X'inn and the awakening of the Lurkeins. Their mutated form garnered them the name of "Aliens". With a unified consciousness under the control of Empress X'inn, there brews an immense vengeful storm in the shadows. Besides vengeance, the Lurkein also possess a particular mission. All of this seems to have something to do with the Soulstone embedded inside the body of X'inn…
The horror of mutant aliens lies in the large quantity of its kind and the multitude of methods they can use to massacre their enemies:  including mutation, corrosion and blood-sucking. Therefore, the art design is based on purple, with green mutation effect.
▷ Representative Character: The Berns sisters
The Berns Sisters can stun enemies with their haunting voice as well as regain HP through their attacks, making them a difficult opponent to take down. 
► Saarn/Beasts - Instincts and Symbiosis
Saarn is an alliance of tribes formed by the unification of Beasts. With all different sorts of physical forms and characteristics, under the guidance of the King of Beasts, the Beasts strictly abide by tradition and the teachings of their ancestors. But after the "accidental" death of the 16th King of the Beasts, the smell of conspiracy crept into the tribes. Was it an outsider or a mole? The new king "White Horn" is determined to find the truth.
The artwork is designed in earthy colors with tribal elements.▷ Representative Characters: Trample
The ax in Trample’ right hand is a furious attacker and the healing stick in his left hand benefit the whole team. 
► Veritas/Empire - Armor And Religion
The theocratic state of the Veritas Empire possesses not only the exquisitely trained Empire army, but also the miracles of magic. Yet when the war came to an end, the church began to fear the witches' powers, calling it heresy. The Empire army that was originally used for defending against enemies now turned their weapons towards those who had once assisted them. Unable to overlook such a tragedy, the valiant Jacob steps bravely forward. But will he be able to stop all this?
 The art design features red flag with metal-colored armor.
▷ Representative Character: Jacob
As soon as Jacob senses an enemy, his powerful sword-swinging skills can be called forth to slice the enemy to pieces. At the same time, he is an excellent team leader, increasing the team’s combat skills.
The Design of the Battlefield
The team made their efforts in designing the battlefield and optimize it, in order to provide players with a gaming experience and less visual fatigue. 
Meanwhile, to enable players on the battlefield to determine the number of blood units in a short time, all the characters in the game also made a distinction in the size of the artwork model.
The 2D design team will draw sketches based on the key image of the unit, and at the same time create a design that meets the 3D aesthetic requirements. From drawings to 3D models, the team had to exaggerate the features, shapes, or weapons of each unit to make it instantly recognizable to the player during the game.
After adding the action design, a unit has to be repeatedly put into the project to adjust and test the scenery, verify that it conforms to the plan, and adjust it to the final appearance of each card.
The Rayrak Team is surely dedicated to developing the game [b][i]Soul of Eden.
[/i][/b]Are you looking forward to this game?
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