Destiny Child TapTap Official FAQ

Destiny Child, the game loved all over the world, finally lands on TapTap. It is perfect in every aspect of high-quality illustrations, original stories, vast contents, and full-voice over of renowned voice actors!!
Participate now in Archfiend Contest with Attractive Live 2D Childs!
 [New Features]
➢ New language: Simplified Chinese
➢ No longer a teen version, you'll see a 2D Live character full of deadly temptations!
➢ Unlike the current global version, the TapTap version is for adults!
➢ Support more payment methods (Paypal, My Card, Alipay, WeChat Pay, etc.)
[Frequently Asked Questions]
1. Are there network requirements? Do I need a VPN/accelerator?
There is no IP lock, the actual situation will be subject to the official launch of the game.
2. what are the login methods for the game?
Currently you can use the visitor login, FB, Google, and Apple ID registration methods (You can login in with your Apple ID through Android device). We will consider adding new methods in the future.
3. Will iOS and Android be online at the same time?
The TapTap version only supports Android platform.
4. Will past campaigns be reinstated with the TapTap version?
You can get general card packs, The stories for past campaigns can be viewed in Bar Replay.
5. About the data?
All systems and content in the TapTap version are interoperable with Global Version data.
Please note that the TapTap version is not interoperable with KR and JP Version data.
6. Is the voice of game in Japanese or Korean?
[b][Childs who Protect You!]
Walk on the path of becoming the Archfiend with your Childs
Attractive Childs will be with you in the challenge to become the Archfiend
[Original Stories that Arouse Emotions!]
Diverse Childs who come to life in Live 2D
Check out the different stories depicting the Childs!
[Simple, yet, Strategic Gameplay]
Control Simply, but Strategize Diversely! 
Attack the Enemy’s Weakness and Aim for a Critical Blow!
[b][Vast Contents that Must Not Be Missed!!]
Battle with other Candidates! Devil Rumble!
Challenge your own limits! Underground!
The stories for past campaigns can be viewed in Bar Replay
The fun of conquering! Event Dungeons that change every day!
Investigate adventure destinations! Exploration!
As effective as it gets hot, Spa of the Night World! 
Large-scale contents such as World Boss and Raid through
constant updates!
+) Fun event will be waiting for our Candidate always.
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Will I have to start over at level 1 or do some content transfer over
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mega sanic
its the same server, everything is the same, its just all uncensored now
Will it ever be available for IOS?
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