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Ready to plunge into the world of night street racing? Get behind the wheel, in front of you is a huge open world. Drift, speed, traffic, rivals. Be the best racer!
The dynamic and open world of CarX Street will make you feel like a truly free street racer. Take on the challenge and become a Sunset City legend. Realistic racing on autobahns and city streets, high-speed drift races from the creators of CarX Drift Racing 2.
Assemble the car of your dreams using detailed tuning that allows you to unleash the full potential of the car's behavioral physics "CarX Technology".
An Exhilarating Gameplay
CarX Street is the epitome of quality, console-like graphics. The game environment is quite detailed. You will find yourself in different parts of the world, race against other players, and earn rewards.
Highly Rewarding Gaming Experience
This game is all about winning races. And you will be handsomely rewarded for your efforts. The rewards come in the form of in-game resources that you can use to upgrade your cars.
Superior Graphics & Immersive Sound Systems
Driving simulation games should have excellent graphics to create a realistic experience. CarX Street epitomizes quality graphics. The details of the game environment are quite impressive.
The game also features an immersive sound system. The sounds of engines roaring will drive you into a frenzy. You will also hear the sound of collisions, which makes the game more exciting.
Additionally, the destroy physics feature makes the game even more realistic. When you collide with an object, it will break into pieces, just like in real life. You will see pieces of glass and metal flying everywhere.
Overall, this game will be filled with excitement, fun, and adventure. It is the perfect game for anyone who loves racing games. You will get to experience high-speed chases, crazy stunt drives, and even multiplayer races.
What’s new
- 12 cars added.
- New languages added: Simplified Chinese, and Japanese.
- The ability to change regions in multiplayer added.
- Authorized users can now change their nickname in their player profile.
Also in this update:
- An intro cutscene and tutorial quests added.
- The ability to upgrade tuning parts added.
- The ability to increase gas tank volume added.
- New music tracks added.
- Two special offers added.
- New languages added: German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese.
- The ideal racing line in club races improved.
- Various sounds improved.
- The behavior of rivals in club races improved.
- The restart system reworked.
- The rewards in farm races increased.
- Car handling improved.
- General bug fixes.
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