the game is ok but here is a conclusion:
alot of advertising
unfair weapon
unbalence boss
the shop is too expensive
the event is ridiculous
you get comuns in every boss,duel chest,the mission and pack
the boss is too spamming and it confuse me alot
well this is my opinion about conclusion
can you remove the shadow point to upgrade stuff? pls because it take sooooo long to get 1000 shadow point just to upgrade once for lengedery. if you remove it and replace for coin i gonna be happy because i have over 100k coin btw it was very easy to get 100k coin or 10k coin or plus
pls read it
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honestly, I think the game is a bit too easy for me. although that might just be me being used to mobile games. but I agree with you. The amount of ads and pay to win mechanics makes the game a pain to play. I don't even think it's online since the so-called "players" are garbage, I could easily win over and over again. But overall the game is awesome, really well made, and has some real intricate fighting mechanisms
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