5 star to 1.
Quite friendly user for beginners at beginning of playing, not friendly at all the longer you play (probably will stucked at only a few free characters for a long time if you don't spend money). I had to say, I do love all the characters (especially all the boys you know...), the game were cool and graphic were awesome.
One big reason that made a lot player stop playing the game it's because the gacha system were too heavy and drop rate are the baddest in among all the gacha game I've ever played. (I always thought Onmyoji drop rate was already the worst and here comes Genshin...)
So, yeah. Play it if you don't mind the shitty rate (you probably forever won't get your favourite characters) or play it if you think you can affords to pay big amount of money on hundreds of pulling just to get one, ONE character you like and pretty much you won't get them again for the second time (unless you can spend the same amount again to draw - good luck)
Also, upgrading item are expensive as well. MHM. Get your money ready for this or grind F2P-ly like a job/work to get strong in a slow pace. 😃
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chill man, you just had bad luck :3 btw i'm f2p
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