Korean Developer NXN Released a New Trailer of "RISE"

Today, NXN revealed a new trailer of the upcoming MMORPG RISE.
In this new trailer, we can take a sneak peek at its worldview, character's story as well as in-game fighting scenes.
According to Gametok, in order to present a realistic fighting scene, the team worked with martial artists and experts who mastered actual European medieval martial arts.
RISE is expected to be a story-oriented game, rather than a level-centered one. 
For more information, you can follow their official Facebook Page: NXN.
NXN states that with RISE, the team dreams of surpassing the future.
NXN's CEO Yoo Seok-ho said that they always strive to be a developer that presents new experiences and fun games to users, and they want to become a developer loved not only in Korea but also globally.